Is it Time for New Business Signage?

Is it Time for New Business Signage?

It’s no secret that signage, both traditional and digital, are a major driving force of sales in any industry. It’s a surefire way to imprint your brand name and image into the minds of customers or potential customers. In fact, Blog Millionaire reports that customers who live within a five-mile radius of a business will see a sign up to 50 or 60 times a month. That’s a lot of opportunities!

Consistent exposure means nothing if your signage isn’t up to par. If your signage is dingy, outdated, or just plain ineffective, it’s time to enlist printing services to create new signs. You can look into banner printing, vinyl printing, digital printing, or something else entirely. As a business owner, you must decide what suits your product or service best and what will speak to your client base the most. Here are some signs that your business signage needs an upgrade.


This seems obvious, but this detail can get overlooked. If your signage itself looks antiquated or “outdated,” your customers pick up on that. The sight of an out-of-date sign grows stale and it stops making an impression on passersby. You want to refresh your signage so that it becomes more of a focal point. Similarly, if the information on your sign is outdated or perhaps out-of-season, this will cause passersby to ignore it or dismiss it. That’s a telltale sign that it’s time for some new banner printing.

Worn or Damaged

Perhaps your sign has stood the test of time. This is another detail customers pick up on. If your sign looks weathered or worn, this creates an unwelcoming vibe for your business. Clients want something fresh and up-to-date. This signals to the client that your business is “on the ball” and works with promptness and efficiency. So if your current signage could use a facelift, look into banner printing services to create something fresh and modern.

It’s Too Small

Have you ever examined your signage from the point of view of a passerby? Is it large enough to notice? Is the text on it big and clear enough to read? A sign that’s too small or has illegible text will be ignored (if it even gets noticed at all). You need to make sure your sign is large enough to grab the attention of someone walking or driving by, but not too large to cause a distraction.

These are just a few signals that your business needs some updated banner printing. You may also need new signage if you’re experiencing rebranding or if you’re offering a new product or service. For any and all of your signage needs, Boston Business Printing is here to help. Contact us today to get started with our services!